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Tour Around Kirkby Stephen-Cumbria

In the outskirts of Northwest England is a small town called Kirkby Stephen. The town is known throughout history as a marketplace, and is a rural village in all rights. Around it are hills with sparse population. It is part of the county of Cumbria.

Despite its small size--it only has a population of around 1, 800--there is still a lot of things that a local or tourist can do during his or her visits to this town.

For one, Kirkby Stephen is near the famous Settle/Carlisle line. This is a scenic route that you can explore to the utmost. You can definitely take in a lot of scenery and bring home a lot of pictures from this route.

To make that possible, visitors can take a railway excursion starting from Kirkby Stephen. This excursion takes both a north and south route so that you can fully travel around the entire area. It is also advisable for you to take both directions to complete your experience in the Settle/Carlisle line.

Along the way, there are plenty of adventures that you may want to be part of.

These include walking, trekking, cycling, and jogging. If you have a braver spirit, you can try paragliding.

Aside from the majestic sceneries and natural adventures, there are also historical and cultural sites that you can visit. These would include the four castles that are located within the town. These castles are, namely, Brougham, Brough, Pendragon, and Lammerside. You can also find many parish churches in Kirkby Stephen.

If you want to avail of a more detailed itinerary during your visit or if you wish to book on a tour, make sure that you can contact their council. They have prepared Lady Anne Clifford Westmoreland Heritage Trail, a tourist package offered by the town of Kirkby Stephen to its visitors.

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